Content Career Accelerator

The focused, expert-supported way to move your career forward.

Ever feel like you're at the next step in your content career one day, and then like it’s a million miles away the next?

Struggling to get out of the copywriting weeds and focus on strategy?

Not sure what skills to invest time and money on? Or how to find a career path that takes advantage of your existing experience? 

Stuck on your portfolio, or how best to ask for that promotion?

Or maybe ... 

... you’re just tired of being dismissed by people who don’t understand your value.

Do you wish you had:

👯‍♀️ someone to talk to about all this +

🫴🏼 a private support network to ask for help +

✅ an actual, specific plan for what you’re going to do next?

    Then you’re in the right place, friend. 🙌🏻 Keep reading!

    What is CCA?

    🪪 A membership-based coaching & learning community for current or aspiring content pros.

    🙋🏽 A private online space to ask and answer questions about content careers and content work.

    🎟️ Regular members-only events like group coaching, accountability hours, and tactical workshops.

    🧰 Professional development support through discounted or complimentary trainings.

    🗺️ A comprehensive self-guided course to kickstart or unstick your UX content career (coming early 2024).

    👨🏻‍🏫 Optional private coaching and career workshops for focused, in-depth guidance.

    Who is this for?

    Are you a ‘word person’ who does more than copywriting — like strategy, design, or research?

    CCA is for you.

    CCA supports people pursuing or working in roles under the big tent of UX content.

    Our members are interested in:

    • content design & UX writing
    • content strategy & content operations
    • information architecture
    • technical content
    • product marketing

    ...and all of the many variations and flavors thereof.

    Testimonial attributed to Emilie Hebert, Clinical UX Writer, that reads: I really needed community in my transition to UX writing, and this program gave me that plus more clarity and confidence about how to move forward.

    Common Questions

    Right now! Community access is enabled as soon as you register, and Career Strategy Workshops and coaching sessions are available starting in January. Self-paced career materials will be added throughout Q1 2024. (When that course is complete, our introductory pricing ends!)

    Between $695 and $2495, depending on your plan. There are a few of ways to join CCA, and installment payments are available for all plans.

    You’ll use an online checkout form to pay via credit card. Stripe is the payment processor. You can pay in full or in 2 or 3 monthly installments, depending on your plan. I can provide any manner of invoices and receipts for your budget requests or bookkeeping purposes; just ask!

    And will they work for my timezone?

    Event scheduling will adjust over time to respond to the availability of our members. I can’t coach an empty room or lead a workshop for no one! Community events are typically an hour, or 90 minutes for workshops, and will primarily be held on weekdays — they may be during the work day or in the evening, depending on your timezone. Some of our programming will be recorded and available on demand.

    Yes! Many of our resources have been developed with newbies and career pivoters in mind, and you'll be in good company in our community of professionals with ziggy-zaggy career paths.

    Maybe! If you’re just now learning about UX content, our Indie plan can be a cost-effective way to build a firmer understanding of the space and start growing your network.